How To Leverage Your YouTube Content

So you have some YouTube videos… now what?!  A guide for organizations, non-profits and companies of all sizes.

Embed On Website

Embed some of your videos on your website.  Make sure your home page has video content on it but beware of embedding too many videos on one page (increased page load times).  If you have a video on each of your main top navigation pages you’re doing great.  Additionally, make sure the Youtube icon is present in the Footer or navigation of your site so that visitors can get to it in 1 click from wherever they are on your site.


Feature one of your videos in every email newsletter you send; sort of like a feature column in a newspaper.  Write a sentence or two about it and then either embed or link to the video.  Also make sure you have your Youtube icon link in every newsletter along with your other social media icons and channels.

Email Directly To Strategic People

Nothing beats a direct and personal communication.  Personal emails written from one person to another get read. Period.  Take an hour and send personal emails to some of your most important partners and connections and insert the link to a relevant video in each email.  This goes a long way and is well worth the time it takes to make it personal.

Before And After Presentations

If your company has a staff meeting, leadership retreat, pitch, presentation, board report or other in-house or outward focused presentation then make sure you start or end every presentation with your video content. If people are nodding off after 10 minutes of your PowerPoint show I guarantee you they’ll perk up when you say, “And now let’s watch this short video.”  It works every time.

Events And Fundraisers

Video is a powerful force when it comes to fundraising and mobilization.  If your organization is sponsoring an event or is somehow part of a fundraising effort make sure you incorporate your video content into every aspect of the ask.  Video is able to make the emotional connection (to people’s hearts and wallets) that a simple speech or presentation can’t.

Loop In The Hallways

Make a DVD loop of your video content and have it playing continuously in your office lobby or reception area.  If you’re hosting an event have that DVD loop playing at your booth, display or in the hallway or lobby of the facility you’re in.  Flat screen TV’s with built-in DVD or USB drives are fairly cheap and you don’t need a gigantic screen.

Press Releases

Create press releases for some of your most interesting video pieces and share the stories and personalities that surround them.  Write some quality press releases and, if you’re using a PR software tool like Vocus or PRsafe, embed or link your Youtube content right into the post.  Don’t forget to contact local news people directly and share this content with them as well.

Blog About Each Video

Write a blog post about each of your video pieces. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, just embed the video and write a paragraph or two about the back-story surrounding that video.  What led up to this video?  What happened as a result?  How have you seen people respond to the video?  Don’t get technical with dates and details but try to capture the ongoing story that surrounds that one moment in time in your video.

Connect With Other Organizations

If you have video content that features notable business leaders, celebrities or politicians then make sure you deliver that content to the respective offices of the noteworthy people that appear in your video.  If you have a brief interview or feature spot with a congressman or community leader then make sure you send a link to their staff or PR person so that they can glean benefit from that content as well.  Additionally, if you have partner organizations or parent companies make sure you deliberately connect your relevant video content with the right people in those organizations for double yield.


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