YouTube for SEO: Best Practices

youtube icon PNGYouTube is not just a great place to post interesting videos, it’s also a great way to tap into some serious search engine results.  If you didn’t know it already take note of this:  YouTube is owned by Google and search engine rankings lean heavily in the direction of YouTube’s video content. Is the deck stacked?  Who cares?!  You need to be on YouTube and you need to do it right. If you’re serious about getting traction from organic SEO then take these best practices to heart and start uploading your content.

1. Fill in all the Channel information available:  About Me, Website, etc…

2. Brand your channel from a design perspective to be inviting and clean.

3. You can rearrange most of the boxes such as “comments” and “subscribers.”  Move them to where they look best or eliminate unnecessary ones.

4. At the top of the page above your channel select “Settings” and fill in all the tag and URL areas.

5. Make sure your videos have specific titles like “How To Fix A Lawnmower” and not “”

6. Use relevant keywords in the titles of your videos.  So don’t make a video called “yucky mess,” title it, “What A Mess: How to Change Your Lawnmower Oil”

7. Remember that a large portion of Youtube searches start with “How to…” Make sure you bear that in mind as you create your content and title your videos.

8. Fill out ALL the meta data for your videos. Write a precise and readable summary paragraph, use as many tags and keywords as you can think of and always insert a link to your website in the paragraph body.  NEVER LEAVE THE PARAGRAPH OR TAG AREAS BLANK.

9. Create playlists from your videos.  They’ll show up in search results just like another video.  Double the search results with no extra work.

10. Choose a video to be featured on your home page and set it to “auto play” so that every channel visit will also equal a view on that video.

11. Subscribe to everyone who subscribes to you.

12. Allow video responses automatically to your videos. It will create a direct link to your video from other videos.

13. Occasionally send direct messages with a link to one of your videos to other channels that have a large audience.  Ask for a shout-out or promotion.

14. Use the “post bulletin” feature whenever you upload a new video or have news. It sends a direct inbox message to all your subscribers.

youtube best practices for SEO

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