Project Showcase: Boy Scouts of America

boy scouts of america logoThe Boy Scouts of America recently celebrated their 100th year anniversary and has been taking advantage of the moment to renew their vision, focus direction and generate excitement about the ongoing value that the Boy Scouts provides. The Munich Group has been working with the Baltimore Area Council of the BSA to maximize social media impact, leverage excitement into their communications and develop a series of high-impact social media videos for use in donor relations and giving. We captured various interviews and footage from the annual celebration gala at the National Aquarium and transformed these short pieces into testimonial content for the BSA YouTube channel.

This was a fun project and labor of love for us because CEO, Jon Barnes, is an Eagle Scout and is always eager to reconnect with scouting related opportunities.  Secondly, the event was held at one of the coolest sites in Baltimore, The National Aquarium, which provided a unique back drop for filming. Below is one of the videos, this one featuring the Ellwein family and their story of how scouting has impacted their lives.

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