Expertise is Knowing What To Leave Out (and When)

It’s the negative space that matters.

  • It’s not just about what you say it’s about what you choose not to.
  • It’s not about using the right images it’s about knowing which ones to leave out.
  • It’s not about writing a lengthy speech, it’s about saying what you mean in as few words as possible.

An expert communicator is someone who knows not just the right words to say but what to leave out.  An expert designer knows that a great design is one with a lot of negative space… a lot of nothing.  A good actor knows that it’s not about the lines you deliver it’s about the pauses and the space in between them. Poems are not words strung together, they are wide open empty spaces populated by the occasional oasis of text.  Here’s the bottom line for business folk:  Pick a designer or communicator who gets this.  Why?  Because this is how you move messages effectively and with deliberate grace.  Anything additional is just clutter and you need people who understand that “less is more” never went out of style to begin with.

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