Mistakes, Myths and Failures: 3 Reality Checks for Social Media

A few reality checks:

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to social media is thinking, “If I build it they will come.” If you build it they will not come. Launching the tools is not enough. You have to have a strategy for developing and promoting new content; content that you are an expert in. No new content = no real results.

The biggest myth about social media is that it is an advertising medium. It’s not. It’s less like a billboard and more like your office phone system. You can’t measure it’s value in the same way. The ROI is secondary. Social media is a second-level medium which supports the communications, advertising and marketing efforts that you already have in place.

The most common way to fail in social media is by trying to rush the process. Social media users think that big online hits like the Old Spice Commercials and the Elf Yourself e-card happened within a few days just because they were talked about on social media. They weren’t. These success stories took years to grow to fruition because they were based on a solid critical mass, brand recognition and timing.

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