12 Ways Your Business Can Use Video Right Now

1.  “Get To Know Us”

Research shows that a website with home page video has a far higher engagement rating and longer page view than a website page with just text and images.  Make sure your company has a home page video, usually a 2-minute or less overview video that helps someone get to know your company cold turkey.  Out of all the ideas in this article this may the one to hire out for and spend the big bucks on.  Shoot for high quality footage and a fast, punchy style.

2.  Client Testimonials

Do you have happy clients?  Don’t just post their 1-sentence endorsements, go film a 1-minute video testimonial!  Your website users will be far more impacted by a face and instantly make an emotional connection with your company if they can see the happy talking faces of your clients instead of just read their words.  These videos don’t need to be fancy just keep them short, precise and make sure the satisfied customer tells exactly how you helped them.

3.  CEO Welcome

In 2 minutes or less have your CEO introduce him/herself and share a little about the vision and uniqueness of your company.  Get rid of that boring bio on your website and create a video bio/intro for your CEO or for your entire executive management team.  No need to hire George Lucas just sit down and talk about your passion for what you do.  Let it flow and communicate your excitement.

4.  Our Office, Our Location, How to Find Us

Does your “Contact Us” page consist of an address, phone number and contact form?  Take the contact feature to the next level and shoot a simple video that shows where on the map you’re located, what your building looks like, what to expect when they walk in the front door and a friendly greeting from the receptionist.  The more inviting you can make the location and the easier it is for someone to find it the better the impact you’ll have with your potential clients.

5.  Employee Training

The more employees you have the harder it is to account for their actions and day-to-day dealings.  If people work for you it’s a given that they need to know your company vision inside and out and be representing your brand to the public the way that you want them to.  Make sure you’re training your employees in how to represent your company to the public and the manner in which you want them to deal with clients.  Video goes a long way and if you have younger employees on your staff you’ll be speaking in their dialect. Everyone will appreciate that you sent them a video and not another boring PDF.

6.  Shareholder/Board Updates

Keep your shareholders and board members happy by providing simple, specific and friendly updates at regular times throughout the year.  Perhaps a quarterly video where you can give progress reports, earnings and financial information, upcoming event details or committee reports.  For this format keep it short, sweet and just give the facts.  Save your entertainment skills for your employees, keep the board member videos crisp, detailed and simple.

7.  New Year, New Vision

At regular intervals throughout the year (or once a year) you’ll need to remind the company’s clients, employees and partners about your vision, goals and priorities for the future.  If you are shifting gears, business models or making significant in-house changes make sure you communicate them clearly and succinctly in a video.  If it’s a new year it might be worth investing a little more money into a more produced video where you cast the vision for the coming year and generate excitement and a sense of adventure about where the company is going.  Just make sure the champagne has worn off before you get in front of the camera.

8.  Client Specific: The Big Pitch

If there is a large client you’re attempting to land or major project you’re trying to pitch it might be worth investing some of your marketing money into a well-produced pitch video directly for that client or person. Use their name, logo and really sell your offer or project.  Video will go a lot farther than a packet. Make it unique, memorable and have a clear next step for them when the video is over.  A video will get watched and it allows for an additional personal touch and emotional connection that a phone call or printout just can’t accomplish.

9.  Case Studies

If you have some successful case studies make sure they’re on your website and make sure they’re in video format.  Get rid of those lame PDF downloads on your website and scrap the miles of boring text where you talk about what you did for Client X.  In 90 seconds you should be able to tell what the client’s problem was, how you fixed it and what the resulting benefits were. Take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your familiarity with the latest tools, technologies and jargon.

10.  Office Fun

Happy employees are productive employees.  Don’t underestimate the motivational and morale-boosting quality of office fun.  Your employees are like a family and every family moves through a rhythm of work, play, rest and crisis.  Make sure you help balance the office rhythm by providing fun and creative experiences.  Use video for an in-house talent show, “impersonate the CEO contest,” great ideas compilation, employee spotlight video, Holiday-specific video, party highlights or whatever your employees come up with. Ask them what they want to do.  Even better: Put one of your employees in charge of a video project.

11.  Legal and Policy Issues

If there is a major legal change, policy issue or lawsuit make sure you address it head-on and take advantage of the short window of time when all your employees are fully focused on the issue.  This might be time to create a longer video where you carefully explain what happened or what the change is and the exact implications it will have for your company.  Be clear, be serious but make sure you don’t skirt the issues.  Make a video for in-house use where you can state important details in a more memorable medium than a simple memo or email. Video gets watched and video gets remembered.

12.  Why Work Here? Recruiting

If you’re looking for the best talent and want to hire quality candidates who know just what they’re getting into then why not create a short video targeted at potential employees and job-seekers?  Show off your offices, introduce yourself and make sure you communicate the type of company you are and what the work environment is like.  There’s a lot of unspoken data about the “vibe” of your workplace that you just can’t communicate in a want-ad or job listing.  Use video to show what your company is like, how people work, what the offices are like and some of the perks.  This will go a long way in both enticing the best people to apply and sorting out candidates that you don’t want on your team.

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