How To Get A First Page Google Rank

As a fun project a while back we launched this how-to video about how to paint your car .  Over the months it has increased viewership and visibility and is now a first position first page Google hit.  How did we do this?  Check out the tips and tricks below that you can apply to your own content for getting found online.

Google Ranking Case Study:  What We Did

First we had an opportunity to video a once-in-a-lifetime art project. We got the footage and turned it into a 10 minute DVD which we promptly chopped up into 4 smaller youtube videos.  The content was hands-on demonstration material that you don’t really see everyday.

Next we uploaded it to Youtube making sure to tag the video correctly for Search Engine Optimization.  That means using the search words in the title of the video (How To Paint Your Ride), using tags like “paint, cars, how to, spray paint, mural, etc..” and making sure to give a good description with backlink to the website.

Once we uploaded it we made noticed that people were asking a few specific questions as the months went by.  They were asking about sanding and priming as well as clear coat and the type of paint.  We added video annotations to add some more info to the video.  (click here to learn about annotations)

As people posted comments and other questions we made sure to reply to them promptly.  Many people began subscribing to our Youtube channel.  We made it a point to subscribe back to them and thank them for following us.

Finally we launched additional videos to cover some of the questions that kept popping up and made sure to promote this main video wherever possible.

Youtube promoted the video as a featured video, more people viewed it and passed it along and now it holds the first position Google rank.

Want to see the video?  Just Google it.

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