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If you were at our seminar last night in Lanham thanks for coming!  We appreciated each and every one of you in attendance.  We’d like to keep the conversation going and provide some links and resources to benefit you.  Here is some good stuff:


SEMINAR NOTES: Download a PDF of our main points from last night’s presentation. Teaching videos and illustrations for churches

B&H Photo: Great place to review audio and video gear and see demos Hosting place for your sermon audio MP3s A free and easy way to make a blog right now (easy/fast) When you’re ready to really take your blog to the next level (moderate/a little more time)

CreativeCMYK: Free images, wallpapers and graphics for churches to use

Flip Camera:  Here’s their website where you can see all the things Flip has to offer.

Article: Why the older generation is doing great at social media!

Article: 10 Ways to know if you have a horrible website

Article: How to use video for specific goals (for businesses but lots to learn)

Article: The basics of promoting your site online and some SEO

Article: How to involve teenagers in your church’s video and tech goals

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