10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter

1. You can drive traffic to your website by posting links on your Twitter feed.

2. You establish yourself as more relevant than your competition who is not using Twitter.

3. You gain experience in how to package content in a short space (aka speak the language of the internet).

4. You create another online asset to be found by search engines.  Once it’s out there it’s working for you.

5. You can convert your twitter RSS feed into an iphone app very easily and for a couple hundred bucks.

6. You can have your Twitter automatically update your Facebook without having to login.

7. The Twitter mobile apps are extremely easy to use and less complicated than Facebook.

8. Twitter has a global search return that a private or semi-private Facebook account doesn’t.

9.  Twitter has a very narrow focus/protocol that will be easier for a newby to learn than other social networking tools.

10.  Twitter lets you find new contacts based on affinities like “sports” or “Boston grocery stores.”  Other social networks, not so much.

To hear Twitter themselves talk about why you should use them check out this article:

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