Don’t Suffer from TwitterComa™

Ok Twitter users- Your account is up, you’ve filled in your information.  Now what?!  Many first time Twitter users suffer from TwitterComa™, a degenerative disease that effects more than half of all Twitter users… that’s right HALF!  That means for every 10 people that create a Twitter account, 5 of them will slip into a TwitterComa™ and never Tweet more than a few times.  Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you:

1. Make sure you a following new people often.  You can follow new people by doing a search on the top menu of your Twitter and typing in someone’s name, or you can use the topic search on the right sidebar and follow people who are tweeting about topics connected to your interests or business.

2. Have some kind of content that you are in the habit of linking back to.  A blog is best… post a new blog post then tweet about it.  Using Youtube or Flickr?  Then put up some new content and then spread the word via Twitter about all the cool stuff you just posted.

3.  TELL PEOPLE!  Make sure people know your business is on Twitter!  Advertise it wherever you can including:

Twitter Deadbeat

- On your webpage

- In your email signature block

- In your printed ads or online videos

- On your business card

- In person when you’re talking to others

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