How to Get Started with Twitter

How to Use Twitter for Business: Part 1: The Basics

So you have a Twitter account up and running for your business… Now what? Here are the first 3 things you should do:

twitter bio1. Make sure you have fully filled in your bio information. Fill in your website, location and description and get a cool picture up for the thumbnail like your startlingly  handsome face or company logo.

2. Start following other people. The basic Twitter philosophy is that if you follow other people they’ll follow you *(following is like friending for you first time users. Think Facebook friends, the more the merrier).

3. Get into a routine where you are interacting with your followers about their content and posting new content yourself. Post a link in your tweets that takes users back to your homepage or other place online where you can convert a visitor to a customer/sale.  Remember, 50% of Twitter users sign up, tweet once and then are never heard from again.  Don’t be a dropout!

(Next up:  Some tips and tricks once you’ve got the basics)

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