Social Media: Goals, not Tools

A big mistake that businesses make when it comes to social media is falling in love with the tools themselves, aka making it about the products and not the people.  The tools change.  No one ever heard of Twitter a few years ago but now it’s through the roof.  Facebook is a household name now and people are already forgetting what “Friendster” is.  The tools come and go.  Be flexible about them.  But your content, connections and conversations are the on-going ecosystem that exists through all the changes.  Focus on goals when it comes to social media.  Really think through where you want to be.  If the tools can help you get there then use them, if they can’t then forget about it.  When your favorite tool loses popularity or a new one comes along that rises to the top of the information food chain then be ready to adapt.  Don’t mistake the pathway for the destination.  This is important.  Enjoy the chart!

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